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((We’re sorry for not updating much and I can’t u[date as often but I wanted to draw something that shows we’re still active but not as much!-Mod ST))

fuck yo shitty ass yule ball crap 38)

fuck yo shitty ass yule ball crap 38)

he’s got a betta booty than yours! 38O

i just thought of spongebob im sorry

CAN I? >38)

I can’t find MY ANC-ESTOR 38(

W)(-ER-E IS S)(-E? 38(

Meenah, please st9p p9king me…

((Stuck with Kankri until the 18th ouo ))

oh my cod

N9tice h9w y9ur lack 9f jewels seem t9 6e as well misplaced.


i dont see nofin wwrong wwith a lil bump n grind either swweetcheeks



im sorry

iit doe2n’t 2uiit you at all.

((I’m the worst pun maker EVER. ; 7 ; -Mod ST))

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